The beard's gone!

What has a head, but cannot think?

I didn't speak with Laurie.

Tommy likes beans.

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His eyes are dim with age.

We can take the elevator.

What do you suppose this is?

These protests are engineered by the CIA.

Arnold certainly wasn't crying when we left his house.

Rub two sticks together to get the fire started.

He is hailed as the father of modern anthropology.

I brought you some ice.

Three-fourths of the town was destroyed by the typhoon.

It was clever of you to tell him that.

If you can talk to Straka, you can talk to anyone.


I'm sorry you feel that way.

They ate bagels with cream cheese.

Maybe Peggy can do it.


Don't let anyone wait in the meeting room.


Marie is waiting on the porch.

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In reading some books we occupy ourselves chiefly with the thoughts of the author; in perusing others, exclusively with our own.

We've got to find Ranjit.

I would admire to attend the party.


She's so modest that she blindfolds herself when taking a bath.

That's how he invented the machine.

Kitty gave Luke flowers and chocolate on their anniversary.

Dan vacuumed his car.

Metin started whistling a happy tune.

Lieutenant Dan Anderson divided his men into teams, each with its assignment.

Everyone is entitled to be capricious now and then.

She's not my friend. I hate her.

He is a sort of painter.


My parents would never allow me to go to Boston with you.


Translating is exhausting.

I hope Dwayne feels better today.

I was the one who said we should wait.

What was the cause of the accident?

How old are your cousins?

Torsten used to walk to work.

Unfortunately there are few examples in history of nations who have learned anything from their own history.

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It would take too long to explain.


Did he have any enemies?

What could possibly cause that to happen?

How did they die?

What is true is too simple, it can only be achieved by way of the complex.

One thing I've always wanted to do is run my own restaurant.

We had a lot of furniture.

What's the minimum salary in Slovakia?

If you visit Spain, come and see me.

Peggy is going to stay with you.

Earle decided to sleep in.

I speak a little Japanese.

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Herb and I got to know each other in Boston.

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Don't forget to lock up when you leave.

Buzz off.

Teruyuki has a part-time job after school.

No doubt he will bring the money on the appointed day.

She shot a glance at her mother.


He had hardly left home when it began to rain.

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You're an artist, aren't you?


I grabbed as much SIMM as possible in the computer shop the other day. Say what you like, it was more than just enthusiasm.

A meteoroid is a piece of stone-like or metal-like debris which travels in outer space.

He soon grows tired of a thing regardless of how much he liked it to begin with.

It's very nutritious.

I just can't believe Kamel is gone.

Why do people use indirectness?

I didn't hire Laurel.

Matti had something important to say, but Avery kept interrupting him.

I must go there irrespective of what you think.

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I think you should wait for us.


Tell me what I want to know.


Don't let him eat the bread.

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I should go there sometime.

Strive to be happy.

Do you have a license to sell liquor?

We listen to the radio.

Pieter's car was intercepted by a group of rebels.

I plan to spend all day with Sundaresan.

The old couple sat side by side.

There is no place like home.

Brendan's involvement in the bank robbery is yet to be established.

Foreigners complain that it is difficult to get to know Japanese people. To some extent this may be true.

Dory just wanted Nicolo to like him.

Julianto tricked Tiefenthal into doing his work for him.

I'm only staying an hour.

I think you know that's impossible.

This is the first time I've ever corrected exam papers.

What'll happen to them now?

I expect Howard to be back by 2:30.

No one here wants to talk about that.

Can I see that one?

Aimee and Arthur are good for each other.

A cold wave hit this district.

Everywhen I see a little flower lively shining so silently in the grass, I muse on all the mistery, beauty, magic and power lacking in me and that only it has...

Perhaps he knows this story.


They must come here at once.

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This floor is so clean you could eat off of it.

According to Dan, Linda had killed herself.

I'm going to prove it.


Rajendra Prasad was the first president of India.


Her music makes me dream.

It's partly your fault.

Depending on others is taboo.

Peggy maxed out his three credit cards and had to take out a high interest loan to pay them off.

But, but... she's not my mother!

I don't think I have what it takes to be a teacher.

Barry is a transhumanist and believes that soft robotics parts can aid his disability.

Dave closed his eyes and went to sleep.

Major just wants to talk to us.

Better than the one who knows what is right is he who loves what is right.

We're going to travel to Estonia at the beginning of next month.

The enemy dropped many bombs on the factory.

Where did he know my name?

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Oops, I farted again!

This system has obvious defects.

Apparently my bare feet bothered him more than anything else.


On the day of the wedding, we arrived at our teacher's house.

I shouldn't have ignored Martha's advice.

For sure, she'll win the championship in the tournament.

Is the head a part of the body?

How long will it take?

Joseph ran too fast for us to catch up with him.

Deb is different.


Get them some food.


Sometimes less is more.

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Money comes and goes.

Are you sure Linda can do this on his own?

People in poor countries have more children than people in rich countries.

He bowed to the Queen.

Why didn't somebody tell Takao?


When I saw the two of them on a date, I asked them: "Are you going to marry?"

One shouldn't ride a bicycle on the pavement.

Our class were all glad to hear it.

Is there anything in this box you can use?

William was assertive.

How many national parks are there in Kenya?

What's kept you?


Is that what you're going to do?

After only a year her breast implants started to leak and she had to have them removed.

Vegetables slowly lean towards the light.

I was coughing.

Elvis stole Peter's purse.

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Aren't you curious about it?

I wonder if life exists on other planets.

Ben lends a helping hand when everything seems to be going completely wrong.

It's no use waiting for him to come.

An honest farmer had once a donkey that had been a faithful servant to him a great many years, but was now growing old and every day more and more unfit for work.

Tell Raul I'm not home.

Sean gave Kim a lift back to her place.

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I'm sure going to miss you.

Let's all give him a hand.

Since I cannot speak about Jordan's entire life, I will speak about my own experiences with him.


I knew what he said was true.

Lou says he doesn't know much about Boston.

I lost the door key, so I can't enter the house.

There are large houses along the street.

I do not know how to use it.

Patty let Rudolph do the talking.

I knew you were coming.


He is screaming a lot.

The shopping center is a mile further down the road.

This story was inspired by true events.

You are so childish sometimes.

Everything is white.

I think I know what happened.

When I saw him, he was still young.